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De Capoa law firm was founded in 1986 by Avv. Antonio de Capoa and, since its establishment, has mainly dealt with Community and commercial law, both national and international, in all its multiple forms.Over the years, by analyzing and studying times and trends, the Firm has made strategic alliances with highly qualified professionals (often selected from the university world), residing in geographical areas that have turned out to be strategic and crucial for the world economy, such as South America, Central Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus, the Mediterranean basin and Central Africa, the Middle and Far East. Significant have been the first professional experiences with the People’s Republic of China and with Russia, which date back to the mid- 80’s as well as with the “Islamic World”, which began in the second half of the 1990s. Relationship with the European Union institutions originate even further back in time. A clear and efficient strategic vision of the locations, always projected into the future and having a significant pragmatism, has made the firm one of the first law firms in the world to create stable joint venture relationships with other law firms in some Countries which are considered today as being more interesting and with a rich prospect. This was possible mainly thanks to the deep knowledge of the customs and culture of the countries with which relations are maintained together with a relationship based on respect and loyalty. Moral integrity, ethics, respect for fundamental values, competence, qualification and personal training, constant updating, attention to the client’s needs, the ability to work in a team, fairness, and transparency (both in internal and external relationships), great flexibility, timeliness in offering answers, reliability and discretion are the guiding values of de Capoa Law Firm and partners as well as of the firms with which is linked in joint venture relationships.
Both the central structure, which is based in the city of Bologna, and the allied offices are agile structures which, relying on highly qualified professionals and on a dense network of external collaborators, are able to deal with every challenging request and of international relevance. The alliance circuit that hinges on de Capoa Law Firm and partners, and which is based on the “Best friends” and “Exclusive alliances” rules, offers the possibility of creating international work groups, able to offer the client a truly complete service. The advantages that result from this network of relationships are considerable, among which the possibility of providing national and international clients a homogeneous service capable of satisfying the strictest international standards. The firm is also characterized by a constant and growing relationship with universities and research institutions around the world and, to date, has hosted and welcomed more than 600 new graduates, trainees and post-graduates’ students from all over the world.
The firm has also focused a lot of attention to the “ethical business” world, to scientific research and to the promotion of cultural exchanges. These efforts have led to the creatin of several university masters, conceived and promoted by the Firm and its consultants and set up by important universities, as well as by collaboration agreement being signed between European and non- European universities and promoted by the Firm. For this highly intense activity, the Firm benefited from the commitment and collaboration of FAREST, a consultancy company owned by SIMES and controlled by the Ministry of the Economic Development and designed by the Italian Government to support Italian investments abroad under the technical and financial profile.In addition, it collaborated with PROMEUROPA, a transnational cultural association whose purpose is to promote and spread knowledge of the European Union.

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