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Studio legale de Capoa e Associati was founded in 1986 by Antonio de Capoa. Since that date it has specialized in all types of commercial law, both domestic and international…

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Business scouting in Africa

L’opinione dell’avvocato Antonio de Capoa, esperto di diritto commerciale, su come avviare una ricerca sul mercato più adatto ai propri prodotti e sugli errori da evitare

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This web site part aims to provide some useful legal information for those persons who are willing to enter into any kind of relationship with this country – by focusing on some aspects related to the national law.
Therefore, this web site is not intended to exhaustively describe the national law, but simply to focus the attention on the most interesting and practical aspects for those persons who are willing to enter into relationship with the Country.

Italy Supreme Court

For the first time Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation ruled on a case concerning an Italian company’s alleged violation of the European Union’s 2012 Iran embargo.


Export control in Italy: limits and prospects for 2020

In the past ten years, Italy has seen an exponential growth in exports, so much so that in 2019 it occupied seventh position in the ranking of the main exporting countries in the world...


Force majeure clause: its meaning in the non-eu countries which are most significant in terms of trade relation with italian enterprises and operational recommendations.

As we sadly know, the recent spread of the Coronavirus has had and will have a strong impact, for an extended period of time, on economy, on contractual exchanges and on the international relations, affecting, in particular, the operation of both the so- known supply chain and the distribution chain...


Presentation of the “Food Law Advanced Training Course” organized by Bologna Forensic Foundation

“The food industry – one of the Italian excellence worldwide – is now on second place in Italy after the engineering industry, and it is constantly growing. This field, the driving force of the whole economy, is characterized by three key elements: strong multidisciplinarity, technicality and transnationality”, the lawyer explains.

Export control compliance

Intervento dell'Avv. Antonio de Capoa al III° Forum Eurodefi in tema di Export control compliance

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Iran, how will the new EU payment system work?

Interview given to Euronews by Avvocato Antonio de Capoa in relation to the new EU payment system in Iran.
"According to the basic idea of the European Union for the different levels of security and management of access rights to trade in payments without having to resort to Swift and therefore to the risk of retaliation or blocking of transactions. trying to use is that of bitcoins, "explains the lawyer.

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  • Export control compliance: news and updates of 2021

    Speech entitled "Export control compliance: news and updates of 2021", organized in collaboration with FederUnacoma.

    29 April 2021

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